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When you think of mouthguards you probably think of the rubber devices that athletes such as football and basketball players wear when playing sports. The general purpose of a mouthguard is to provide some shield of protection for the teeth. In contact sports, trauma is sometimes inevitable but with a mouthguard the chance of suffering from dental trauma goes down dramaticall. While mouthguards are still used for this reason, with the help of advancements in dental technology, there are now mouthguards that not only protect, but they can be used to boost your athletic performance.

Neuromuscular Mouthguards

One of these specialty mouthguards, known as the Pure Power Mouthguard (PPM), has become a very widely used appliance; even sports stars such as Shaquille O’Neal have decided to try them out. Though it may not seem hard to believe, an imbalanced bite has a large affect on the success of an athlete. Using a Pure Power Mouthguard allows athletes of all types to experience a true enhancement to their game. The great thing about this game enhancer is that it is completely legal!

If you’re an athlete and are interested in a PPM in Fresno, you’re probably wondering about the benefits of using the pure power mouthguard. Below are some benefits are using a neuromuscular, performance-enhancing mouthguard that can correct a misaligned bite:

  • Increased speed and strength
  • Better balance
  • Higher endurance levels
  • Quicker recovery
  • Greater range of motion (flexibility) and agility

Don’t let a bad bite slow down your athletic success. Take your game to an all new level by contacting, Fresno mouth guard dentist, Dr. Blair. One simple call can really increase how well you perform while playing your sport. Call (559)431-4488 to be fitted with a PPM in Fresno. You’re also able to use our online appointment form or email us with questions. Boost your speed and improve your game with a Pure Power Mouthguard in Fresno!

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