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Today there is no shortage when it comes to sleep apnea appliances. There are plenty of them available to sleep apneics of all types. These sleep apnea appliances are meant to be used as an alternative to CPAP sleep apnea treatment, or to be used in conjunction with the common CPAP machine. Though CPAP is known to work very well, many patients who use it complain of the discomfort that is brings about, and because of this, many CPAP patients look for alternatives such as sleep apnea appliances. Oral sleep apnea appliances are designed to be much more comfortable when compared to the CPAP.

It’s important that when looking at possible sleep apnea appliances in Fresno that you are well aware of the differences between the various sleep apnea devices out there. For example, some of the appliances only treat sleep apnea symptoms, namely snoring, while others treat the main cause of them. Others are meant for those people who are only borderline sleep apneics. Because there are so many available, it’s ideal that you work with a sleep dentist such as Dr. Blair who can help you make the best decision. Even though you can easily buy anti-snoring devices online and over-the-counter that are branded to be sure-fire cures for snoring, these devices are often ineffective and at best, only do what they say they will do, which is to stop the snoring. If a sleep apnea sufferer stops snoring, but has not had his or her sleep apnea properly treated, they may continue to suffer events of apnea, only now, they are suffocating silently. So, while these devices are often cheaper, they are actually very dangerous. Dr. Blair’s office offers FDA certified sleep apnea appliances, and gives patients the ability to consider various payment options such as Care Credit to make them affordable.

Get Fitted With Your Sleep Apnea Appliance!

Being fitted with the proper sleep apnea appliance will require help from a trusted sleep dentist such as Dr. Blair. She has 30+ years of experience as a dentist and knows the ins and outs of proper sleep apnea treatment. To consult Dr. Blair about the available sleep apnea appliances in Fresno, call us at (559) 431-4488. For your convenience you can also contact us online through our online consultation form. Don’t wait any longer to get to sleep apnea appliance you need!


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