TMJ Headaches Fresno

If you have ever suffered from a TMJ headache, you know just how painful they can be. You are also probably aware that these headaches come and go on their own accord, but they always seem to return no matter what you do. If you suffer from frequent headaches accompanied by neck or jaw pain, ringing in the ears, or bruxism, you may be suffering from TMJ. To end your TMJ headaches or migraines in Fresno, come to Dr. Blair for a thorough examination.

How Does TMJ Cause Headaches or Migraines?

Those patients diagnosed with TMD will often suffer from headaches due to an imbalanced TMJ. When the TMJ is not in the right alignment, the muscles in the jaw never get a chance to relax. The body struggles to find an at-rest position, and this causes a lot of strain and pressure on the TMJ. Because the TMJ has nerves and muscles that are connected to the head, the strain felt in the TMJ will often times translate to the head as well as other places throughout the body.

TMJ headaches are known to be highly painful and at times are misdiagnosed as migraines. If you have gone to other doctors and dentists and have yet to find an answer to your headaches in Fresno, it is definitely time to see a neuromuscular dentist such as Dr. Blair.

Don’t Suffer Any Longer – Dr. Blair Can Stop Your Headaches

TMJ headaches are painful and won’t go away on their own. Don’t wait any longer to have your TMJ headaches or migraines in Fresno resolved. Not only are these headaches painful, for some they can be detrimental to one’s mood, work ethic, and overall physical well-being. You can trust Dr. Blair to determine whether or not your headaches are caused by TMJ. Take a few minutes out of your day and call (559) 431-4488 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Blair. For convenience’s sake, we also allow patients the opportunity to set up an appointment online using our online booking form. If you have any questions at all about TMJ headaches or other dental issues, don’t hesistate to send us an email.

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