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The human jaw isn’t simple. Even though from the outside it appears that the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are nothing but opening and closing hinges, the fact is that the TMJ is made up of a complex system of tendons, muscles, nerves, and bones. Each of these pieces, though they may seem to be pretty insignificant, actually plays a large role in not only the function of the TMJ but also the functionality of other musculoskeletal systems within the body. This is because the TMJ is connected to the skull as well as the spine.

TMJ Disorder (TMD) And The Symptoms

TMJ Disorder (also called TMD) occurs when the temporomandibular joints are out of proper alignment due to an incorrect bite. Unconsciously the body will try to correct the imbalance which then causes stress, pressure, and strain on the joints. This pressure is what causes the TMJ symptoms most patients suffer from, which include  Below are some symptoms that TMD is known to bring about:

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Effective TMJ Treatment

The treatment for TMD has changed throughout the years and today the treatment methods offered at our Fresno dental office are less invasive, yet more effective and efficienct. Before neuromuscular dentistry became so widely advanced, those who suffered from TMJ were either given no answer at all, given treatment that only masked the symptoms, or told to undergo highly invasive surgery to realign the jaw bone. The fact is that none of these treatments work as well as they were supposed to, and in the case of surgery, carried big risks.

Thanks to the increasing technologies and advancements in the dentistry world today, those suffering from TMD no longer have to deal with treatments that just don’t work. Nowadays, one of the most commonly used treatments for TMJ in Fresno is to use oral appliances such as the neuromuscular orthosis. For some patients a nighttime bite splint or “night guard” is ideal.

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Do you suffer from TMJ Disorder? Ignoring your TMJ symptoms will only prolonge your suffering. With your jaw under so much pressure and pain, chances are that your symptoms will not disappear on their own. Schedule a TMJ consultation with Dr. Blair at our Fresno dental office by calling (559) 431-4488. Also feel free to contact us online. You can even book your appointment on our website.

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