TMJ Symptoms Fresno

An improper balance of the TMJ is known to bring about a vast range of TMJ symptoms. A strained and pressured jaw joint can cause all sorts of problems but those with an imbalanced TMJ are often greeted with constant pain and aches that always seem to return. Though medicine can be used to help temporarily relieve you of TMJ symptoms, no patient should have to continuously deal with these types of problems. This is why dental patients need to be well aware of TMJ Disorder, what it is, and the symptoms that it can cause.

Below is a list of some of the most frequently experienced TMJ symptoms:

In one way or another, all of these symptoms can be directly attributed to an imbalanced TMJ. For example, someone suffering from TMD may experience headaches or migraine-like headaches because the TMJ is connected to the skull. The pressure placed on the TMJ can spread to other related musculoskeletal systems such as the muscles around the skull which then causes headaches. The same goes for tinnitus, jaw pain, neck pain, and others; each is caused by the constant pressure placed on the TMJ. Bruxism (teeth grinding) can occur when the body tries to realign the jaw on its own, causing worn, chipped, or broken teeth.

Say Goodbye to Your TMJ Symptoms!

If you are experiencing any of the most commonly seen symptoms of TMJ, you will want to plan a consultation with Dr. Blair, a neuromuscular dentist who can treat your TMJ symptoms. Even though your TMJ symptoms may not be an everyday condition, the fact is that without treatment, you will continue to suffer from them until you are treated. Not only are TMJ symptoms painful, but if you experience symptoms such as bruxism, you are putting the health of your teeth in jeopardy. Why not get the diagnosis and treatment you need? All it takes is one call to Dr. Blair’s office to schedule an appointment to discuss your TMJ symptoms. Contact the office at (559) 431-4488 or schedule a consultation by using our online booking form. Don’t hesistate to email us with any questions.

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