Your Neuromuscular Dentistry Consultation

When you come into Dr. Blair’s office for a neuromuscular dentistry consultation, the first thing that Dr. Blair will do is listen. You’ve probably been suffering from your neuromuscular condition for a long time, and you more than likely have a story to tell about what you’ve tried in the past to correct the problem. Dr. Blair wants to hear that story. She will listen for clues that will help her reach a proper diagnosis as well as to get a general idea about how you’re feeling.

Next, Dr. Blair will conduct a thorough oral examination. This includes:

  • Intraoral photos
  • Evaluating wear patterns (facets) on the teeth
  • Measuring the bite (how the upper and lower teeth come together)
  • Evaluating the shape of the upper and lower jaw and arch (Ex. Is your jaw horse shoe or V-shaped?)
  • Evaluating the tongue (is there scalloping on the edges?)
  • Looking at the throat (looking for signs that you may have sleep apnea – Mallampati score, tonsils)
  • Evaluating posture
  • Muscle palpation and range of motion

After these steps, Dr. Blair will decide how she can best help you. If she believes that neuromuscular treatment will be best for you, she may refer you to an x-ray lab for a digital iCAT x-ray. This type of x-ray offers unparalleled 3-D technology that allows for top of the line detail as well as panoramic images. When compared to old-fashioned tomogram x-rays, the images taken by an iCAT x-ray are much more detailed and clear. The iCAT x-ray machine is even said to be more comfortable for patients. Depending on your symptoms, Dr. Blair may begin treatment that day or may ask you to schedule another appointment before your TMJ treatment begins.

At your next appointment, Dr. Blair will review your x-rays with you. After proper examination and review, Dr. Blair will work with you to come to an agreement on an effective treatment plan. You will also have the opportunity to discuss financial arrangements for your treatment, including any available financing such as Care Credit and other programs.

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